Thursday, September 18, 2014

A WordPress Rant

I have had this Blogger blog since the spring of 2011. It has worked pretty well for me, but there are limitations. And everyone and their brother suggests having a WordPress blog instead.

Two days ago I began my journey to migrate my blog to a WordPress blog. The headache began about fifteen minutes into it and after two days, I have a full-blown migraine!

I see people with wonderful WordPress blogs and I think "I'd like my blog to look like that." And even more importantly have the same kind of functionality.

But after two days, my WordPress blog looks like a piece of dog crap and works no better.

I'm no computer guru, but I've been able to set up my own website, blog and social media accounts with no outside help other than YouTube tutorials. Why am I stymied by WordPress?

Oh well, I'll take a day off from it and see if when I come back to it with fresh eyes it makes more sense. Eventually you may see a message on this blog to go over to my spiffy new WordPress site. But in the meantime, thanks for visiting my humble little Blogger blog :-)

Have any of you migrated a Blogger blog over to WordPress? Was it easy for you to navigate the world of WordPress? Or did it make you experience overnight male-pattern-baldness?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sci Fi Friday: When Art and Science Meet It's a Beautiful Thing

If you've been reading my blog on Fridays, then you may have surmised that I frequently geek out over scientific discoveries. Whether its news about a new technology for space travel or the latest from CERN, I can't resist a headline that hints at a cool discovery. 

This week I was blown away by this elegant idea from Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde. Roosegaarde's team has conceptualized interactive highways and parks that remove smog. But this latest idea is where art meets science.

Here's the pitch: What happens when you take the biology that produces bioluminescence and merge it with plants? Think algae street lamps that store energy from photosynthesis to generate light at night. But Roosegaarde's team takes it one step further.

Roosegaarde's team, inspired by deep water jellyfish, imagined bio luminescent trees. Check out this video as Daan Roosegaarde explains the concept. Imagine, a street lined with trees instead of street lamps.

How cool is that? Imagine a landscape lit at night by glowing trees. My sci fi imagine is spinning ...

What other applications can you imagine for bio luminescent biology?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Award for Emily's House: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

I got notice this week that my first novel, Emily's House, received a Pinnacle Book Award in the Juvenile Fiction category! The Pinnacle awards recognize excellence in Independent Publishing. I'm thrilled, of course, to receive a recognition for my "first born" book and labor of love. 

The award feels almost as good as the Reader's Favorite 5 Star award that it received earlier this summer.

Awards are nice but nothing compares to happy readers. The nearly 2 Million reads of Emily's House on Wattpad as well as the votes and comments - that's what it's all about. Readers that enjoy the adventure, the mysticism, the action of the book. The readers who "get it." That's what keeps me writing.

But I'm happy to accept the awards too ;-)

If you'd like to read an excerpt of Emily's House, you can do so here on my blog. Just click this link.

Thanks to all of my readers and blog followers for your support! :-D